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The Lionesses began their series of friendly matches with a win against newly promoted Charnay on Saturday. It was very close (89-88) and the spectators at the Culoz BC club celebrating their fiftieth anniversary were pleased. Missing Alysha CLARK (WNBA), Marine JOHANNES (WNBA), Michelle PLOUFFE (Canada), Valery DEMORY gave  Helena CIAK a rest as she only played for eight minutes in Culoz. Up against a full team, the Lionesses had to work hard to get this win. Charnay and her Europe 3×3 champion, Laetitia GUAPO (15 points) gave it their all on Saturday evening with a team that has settled in after three weeks of preparation.


THE BIG MOMENT – It was in the end Ingrid TANQUERAY who had the final say on Saturday with a long distance shot in the final seconds, which determined the outcome.

THE LIONESS  – Marking the first basket of the match, the captain Paoline SALAGNAC led the way. She guided her youngsters (32 minutes for the junior players, Coralie CHABRIER and Ines PIPER) during her 34 minutes of play, scoring 16 points, 6 bounces et 4 decisive passes.

STATISTICS  – The Lyon team scored 39 points in Culoz in 17 minutes, with in particular the promising 14 points from the young player, Coralie CHABRIER. With twenty balls lost, the Lionesses know that the practice work has just begun.

WHAT NEXT  – The Lionesses will be in Clermont-Ferrand on Saturday for a second test match against Bourges.


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