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Montauban / Nevers 26 – 29

Winning at Sapiac, the high and mighty Montauban ground, looked beyond their reach, as Nevers are still settling into Pro D2. On Friday 13th, in spite of some errors and two yellow cards, Nevers pulled it off helping us forget the loss against Soyaux-Angoulême. The start of the season which started with such a disappointment has ended well.

Bosviel threatening

Once the score was opened by the home team, the visitors showed what they intended to do. But when Romaric Camou through, Hugues Bastide was stopped. Montauban counter-attacked ending an action lasting three minutes near the visitor’s posts with a try from Bosviel. After this was converted the score was 10-0.

While Josaïa Raisuqe, stopped by a block by the full-back Maxime Salles, failed in his first attempt at a try, a pass from Hugues Bastide allowed Zack Henry to succeed with his left foot again.

In the line-outs and scrums, Nevers dominated and looked dangerous a few times, making the most of one opportunity. Coming out of the scrum, Henry passed to Rudy Derrieux who took advantage of attracting two opponents to pass to Camou who was running down the other wing. He scored in the corner and Henry converted. The score was then a draw and promised some exciting moments ahead.

King Henry

A high tackle from Nasoni Naquiri (with his second yellow card of the season) then an attempt by Camou offered the home team six easy points.

When they came out of the changing rooms, it was looking better for Xavier Péméja’s team. Firstly, Derrieux made it through leading to a successful penalty for Henry. Then Bastide got the ball off Jérémy Chaput showing the spectators some fine playing. Zack Henry kicked over the Montauban defense and magically got it back and passed to Joris Cazenave who ran for the line.

The English player with Nevers, after the conversion scored two penalties, including one from more than 45 metres.

With the score at 26-16, USON looked like pulling off an incredible victory, although Montauban fought back and Fred Quercy got his second card of the season. A try by hooker Cyril Deligny and Bosviel’s kick brought the score back to equal footing, 26-26 with ten minutes left.

Unbearable suspense 

There was a fantastic duel between the two front lines with things going the way of Nevers. By scoring again in the 73rd minute, big Zack offered victory to USON. The blue and gold scrum finished it off, although there were some scary moments for the visiting supporters with a penalty line-out going to Bosviel two minutes from the whistle. The final battle eight against eight confirmed the successful performance from Nevers and the star of the match was able to enjoy kicking the ball into the crowds at the Sapiac stadium.

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