USON Nevers

USON Nevers will receive a team from the Top 14 to prepare on 26th July

To prepare for the 2019-2020 Pro D2 season, USON Nevers will play home to Stade français, Paris, on Friday 26th July.

On Friday 26th July, Nevers will start their preparation by playing against Stade français Paris, who have just completed the season in eighth place in the Top 14. A top line-up to start the new season for USON in Pro D2. The time has not yet been fixed, but it will be during the evening at home at Le Pré-Fleuri.

The Dumange-Landreau connection

This match was possible because of the close relationship between Régis Dumange, president of USON, and Fabrice Landreau, who joined Stade français early this year as associate head of sport. As in 2015, when USON invited Grenoble, who were also trained by Landreau.

For Nevers, who will be back training on Monday 17th June, this will be their first preparation match. Two other matches are due to be scheduled away before the championship gets underway again on Friday 23rd August.

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