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Partnership signed between the OL GROUP / LDLC ASVEL / Lyon ASVEL Women’s team

Following on from talks carried out since 22nd March 2019, a partnership agreement was signed on 21st June between the OL GROUP, Lyon ASVEL Women’s team and LDLC ASVEL. 

To start, this agreement gives the OL GROUP a minority shareholding in the two clubs: 3.4 million € for a stake of 25% of LDLC ASVEL, 0.3 million for 10% of the Lyon ASVEL Women’s team. Within the framework of this agreement, the OL GROUP will be represented on the board of ASVEL. Secondly, the OL GROUP promises for a period of five years to exchange shares in LDLC ASVEL (ASVEL Basket SASP) which will be offered to them by the other shareholders for shares in the OL GROUP (existing or new issue).

At the same time, a strategic agreement has been signed, which will allow the Olympique Lyonnais to benefit from the international reputation and image of Tony Parker, in particular in the States and China, places where the OL GROUP intends to continue to develop. This agreement also intends to make the most of bringing together the strengths of the OL GROUP and LDLC ASVEL, in particular in terms of ticketing, sponsoring and more generally commercial activities.

Tony PARKER and Jean-Michel AULAS wish to ensure that the LDLC ASVEL remains in Villeurbanne. For that reason, all of the matches in which LDLC ASVEL compete will take place at the Astroballe until the new OL GROUP Arena opens. Ultimately, the matches in the French  Jeep® ÉLITE championship and some EuroLeague matches will continue to take place in Villeurbanne. LDLC ASVEL will on the other hand play its prestige EuroLeague matches in the new OL GROUP Arena, once this is up and running.

Tony PARKER – President of the Lyon ASVEL Women and LDLC ASVEL

If someone had told me five years ago, that we would be here today, I would never have believed them… Thanks to everyone who has made that possible. I am proud to be associated with the Olympique Lyonnais. This is a historic day for the club, but this is just the start and we’re going to go some great things together.

Marie-Sophie OBAMA – Vice President of the Lyon ASVEL Women’s team

When we started out, we were the minnows in amongst the professional clubs in the city. We wanted to stand out and do things differently. Joining up with them, means we can be more ambitious and look forward to achieving our goals.

Thierry SAUVAGE – Managing Director of the OL GROUP

Our aim is to help the two units with sales. We want to improve the sale of match tickets and season tickets, widen our outlook with the partnerships to develop the clubs’ business, developing seminars at the Groupama Stadium and the Astroballe, but also helping with the development of their merchandising.

Jean-Michel AULAS – President of the OL GROUPE

This is an exceptional moment shared with an exceptional sportsman and gentleman. It is also a moment to look towards the future. Tony has national and European ambitions and an international vision. That is what unites us and pushes us forward and excites us every day.

Nicolas BATUM – Head of basketball operations for LDLC ASVEL and the  Lyon ASVEL Women’s team

We have just completed an exceptional sporting season, with I hope the title of French champions for LDLC ASVEL. In the future, this partnership will also enable us to fulfil our goals, that is to say remain at the top of the rankings with the two clubs and get a good result in the EuroLeague.

Gaëtan MULLER – Vice President of LDLC ASVEL 

They have lofty dreams but have their feet on the ground. That is what characterises everyone here today. We have a forward looking project, but to ensure there is a future, you have to know where you are coming from and where you are going. In terms of the structure, we have made progress on every level. Even if there is still a lot to do, we are on track to take the club to where we ant to go.


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