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From San Antonio to Lyon: the return of the Lionesses

It’s back to work! The Lionesses got together again last week for a Team Building session in San Antonio, alongside their President Tony PARKER and the vice president Marie-Sophie OBAMA. Paoline SALAGNAC, Ingrid TANQUERAY, Julie ALLEMAND, Lidija TURCINOVIC, Marième BADIANE and the new recruit, Helena CIAK spent five days in Texas with some enjoyable moments to relax and get together, talk things over individually and collectively with the President, as well as gradually easing back into training at the facilities in the San Antonio Spurs training centre. Before heading back to France, the Lionesses had the honour of meeting the other two members of the legendary Big Three: Manu GINOBILI and Tim DUNCAN (see video).  Michelle PLOUFFE and Alysha CLARK joiuned the group for a couple of days, while Marine JOHANNES (WNBA) and Clarissa DOS SANTOS (Brazil) were unavailable.

On Monday afternoon, Valery DEMORY brought the players together for the traditional meeting after the holidays with the backroom boys at Mado Bonnet. He gave them the goals for the season and the guidelines for the season for the club in the various competitions the Lionesses are competing in – the French championship (where they will be defending their title), the French Cup and the Women’s Euroleague (for the first time in the history of the club). The day ended with a warm up in the hall. Training sessions are scheduled throughout the week with sessions at Mado Bonnet and away from there at the Parc de Parilly. The first friendly for the Lionesses is scheduled for Saturday 7th September against Charnay.

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