The maxi-trimaran IDEC SPORT is still ambling along, but since dawn has been on a more direct route towards the Equator.

Francis Joyon and his men’s struggle to get way from the calm patches associated with the St. Helena high can be seen in the regular changes in direction with a tack to the NW and then one to the NE, as the sailors await a steadier air stream from the east. They haven’t yet found the trade wind, but it’s looking a bit like it. With the wind veering to offer a wind on the beam, it should finally offer Joyon, Pella, Gahinet, Herrmann, Stamm and Surtel a better angle to head towards the Equator and more speed than over the past three days. Having sailed with difficulty around 250 miles a day since the 26th December, we are a long way away from the 800 miles and more they managed to sail several times since the start off Ushant on 22nd November. On her 38th day at sea, the 41m long, technology-packed maxi trimaran Banque Populaire V crossed the Eqautor four years ago. IDEC SPORT is going to require another two days to sail the 1350 miles to get there, if the wind finally cooperates in the South Atlantic.

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