The IDEC SPORT Maxi Trimaran will from now on and in particular during the next attempt at the Jules Verne Trophy be displaying the colours of the ‘Agriculteurs de Bretagne’ association, which works to promote the image of Breton farming. It was Patrice Lafargue, President of the IDEC Group, who first recognised in the ‘Agriculteurs de Bretagne’ campaign, the values of courage, commitment and entrepreneurship that are so dear to him. “We are proud to be able to support their policy in our own little way by offering them exposure on the boat.”

Francis Joyon, great grandson of a farmer, was won over by the message conveyed by a profession that is so essential for our societies, and which “has clearly signed up to a policy of respecting and preserving the environment,” values, which are felt deep down by the sailor from Locmariaquer.

The skipper of IDEC SPORT is also pleased to be displaying the colours of ‘Agriculteurs de Bretagne,’ during his next attempt aboard the Maxi trimaran IDEC SPORT at the Jules Verne Trophy, the crewed round the world sailing record, which is scheduled for late this year.

In order to make this support official, Francis today visited the SPACE, the International Livestock Trade Fair in Rennes in the company of Patrice Lafargue, president of the IDEC Group and Danielle Even, President of the ‘Agriculteurs de Bretagne’ association. “We are very proud that a sailing and sporting personality, as famous as Francis Joyon, has agreed to associate our colours with his next big ocean challenge,” declared the latter, before stating “that theAgriculteurs de Bretagne’ association will turn up in large numbers in Brest for the start of the Jules Verne Trophy this autumn to support Francis.”

The members of the Breton farmers’ association, ‘Agriculteurs de Bretagne’ indeed now wish to be the leading supporters of the Breton sailor…

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