Practically since the start of The Bridge 2017, the IDEC SPORT maxi-trimaran has been in the uncomfortable position of being the chaser and chased. In second place behind Macif (François Gabart), that they are attempting to catch when the weather gives them an opportunity, they are also having to keep an eye on Sodebo (Thomas Coville) creeping up behind them. As they entered an area of calm weather yesterday morning, the latter was favoured and got back to within ten miles of Francis Joyon and his crew of four.

This morning idec as they tackle the final thousand miles, the gap is widening between the two frontrunners with Macif taking advantage first of the arrival of a SW’ly air stream and stepping up the pace a few hours before her rivals thus extending her lead to more than 65 miles. IDEC SPORT is now able to take advanatge of the same phenomenonto extend her lead over third placed Thomas Coville. So is it a matter of chasing or being chased now? Francis refused to say, preferring to look ahead to the finish off New York, where the weather is loking particularly uncertain and might well lead to all three boats getting back togetehr for a new start in the bay off the Big Apple.
As the Queen Mary2 passes under the Verrazano Bridge, Macif, IDEC SPORT and Sodebo are starting another very tense day. They are having to watch the radar because of the large amount of shipping in this area, while keeping an eye on their rivals. Keeping one in check, trying to overtake… still sailing close to the wind, which will continue to come straight for the bows of the boat, forcing them to head off at 90 degrees to the direct route later today. This could change the situation in what is a game of poker.

Follow the progress of the IDEC SPORT maxi trimaran here

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