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Ludovic CHORGNON is off to take up a new challenge: The Land of the Gods (La Terre des Dieux)

Ludovic CHORGNON took the start today at 6am of the Ultra Trail “La Terre des Dieux” from Calenzana in Corsica. This race in the heart of the mountains of the famous Ile de Beauté is very demanding and has a time limit of 72 hours. Despite a preparation not adapted to the mountains, Ludovic remains motivated and will give everything to take up this new challenge.

The IRON-HOT challenge postponed

Ludovic should have been in the USA last week to set the record for the IRON-HOT, which is the hottest IRONMAN ever. The latter is one of the four events that make up the IRONXTREM that he challenged himself to do several months ago. Unfortunately, the latter had to be cancelled and it is on the Ultra Trail “La Terre des Dieux” that we find him today.

The Land of the Gods

“La Terre des Dieux” is a trail that takes place in Corsica between Calenzana and Zona, which follows the mythical GR20. This 165 km race with 11.000 D+ is very demanding and takes place in the heart of the mountains. The runners will have to cross 26 summits culminating between 1,300 m and 2,400 m of altitude, with a time limit of 72 hours.

Top start

Ludovic crossed the start line of this ultra XXL on 22 July at 6am. Even if his preparation was not adapted to such an event, since since the beginning of the year his training was centred around working on running in a hot environment, he is no less motivated. As he explains, “this lack of preparation for the mountains is just a fact that I have turned into a real challenge: to know if my mental capacity will be up to the task of compensating and coming to the end of this superb challenge despite this muscular deficit”.

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