“If we pass the Cape of Good Hope one day or one and a half days behind the record, that will be good,” said Francis Joyon before the start in Brest, after looking at the weather forecasts for the Atlantic. Sailing ahead of a low since yesterday, the IDEC SPORT Maxi trimaran is ahead of their initial forecasts. They have reduced their deficit to the title-holder to 600 miles or in other words around a day of sailing. Banque Populaire V rounded the first of the three major capes after 11 days, 21 hours and 48 minutes. Sailing at more than 38 knots, the big red and white trimaran has sailed 825 miles in 24 hours and should pass the Cape of Good Hope in less than 13 days, which is a substantial gain over the pace achieved last year. They will be trying to stay in this NW’ly air stream for as long as possible. Joyon, Surtel, Pella, Audigane, Stamm and Gahinet are on the attack and happy to get back up to the sort of speed they were hoping for from their Maxi Trimaran IDEC SPORT. Like their virtual rival in December 2011, they will have to gybe at some point to stay with the wind and dive into the Southern Ocean to head towards the Kerguelens, after passing Cape Agulhas marking the entrance into the Indian Ocean.

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