This weekend the Guyader Grand Prix begins in Douarnenez (Brittany). The IDEC SPORT giant trimaran will be taking part. For her skipper, Francis Joyon, this is a good opportunity to share an experience, as he is inviting some young kitesurfing and windsurfing champions and fans of small foiling boats aboard. They will later be up against the 30 m trimaran on their small craft during the speed runs that promise to be spectacular.

The Guyader Grand Prix is a must-attend event. It starts next weekend in Douarnenez and continues from 29th April to 8th May. The general public will be able to admire sailors from various backgrounds on very different boats from the smallest to the biggest, from the most traditional to the most high-tech. That is what makes this event so interesting, bringing together so many different types of craft with kitesurfers, paddle-boards and kayaks, but also a wide range of racing boats including the elegant Dragons, the fast Diam24s, Class40s and big trimarans like the Multi50s and their big sisters, the ‘Ultimes’ like IDEC SPORT. Francis Joyon’s big red trimaran will be the only ginat multihull attending and so will be one of the major attractions on this first weekend of the Grand Prix.

Francis Joyon really enjoys this event having already taken part three times and he believes it is “a fantastic atmosphere ashore and fast out on the water, where there is a true sporting spirit.” With Francis Joyon recently announcing that he will be setting off around the world again next autumn to tackle the Jules Verne Trophy – just one year after his first crewed attempt – this year’s Guyader Grand Prix will be an opportunity to get the boat out on the water in between these two circumnavigations. After the winter refit carried out in the water, which essentially involved repairing the wear and tear of the last round the world voyage, IDEC SPORT will once again be able to race a few miles in competition conditions.

The Nautic Challenge or David against Goliath

SAILING - ROUTE DU RHUM 2014 - ULTIME - IDEC SPORTBut it will also be an opportunity to share his passion for the sea and speed with some other sailors. With the agreement of the organizers, on Friday Francis Joyon will be taking aboard some young champions from flying boats, windsurfing and kitesurfing. “I think it will be nice for them to discover the world of big trimarans,” smiled Francis, “and on the following day, they will try to be faster than us with their little boats. Depending on the weather, iot should be fun.” This is the Nautic Challenge, which each year brings together small speed machines and giant boats in a David and Goliath type duel. It’s not always Goliath, who wins. It should be enjoyable on board and is bound to be very spectacular to watch from Rosmeur harbour, for example.

On top of that, if the weather permits, there is another challenge to take up. Last year, for the first time a kitesurfer smashed the Grand Prix record. Doing better than the giant multihulls, Nicolas Parlier carried out a speed run at 32 knots. If the opportunity arises, Francis Joyon may attempt to rival that amazing performance.

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