Francis Joyon sticking to his game plan

Francis Joyon is respecting to the letter the strategy drawn up over the last few hours ashore with his shore routing team of Gwénolé Gahinet and Christian Dumard. The spectacular start yesterday afternoon between the Pointe du Grouin and Cape Fréhel confirmed the state of mind of the skipper of IDEC SPORT. Francis is on the attack and that is clear to see.

Just a short distance back from the leader François Gabart, Francis is in second place in the Ultime class this lunchtime and is sailing at high speed between 30 and 35 knots towards Cape Finisterre. Throughout the day today, the maxi-trimaran IDEC SPORT will continue her route towards the south-west on the starboard tack. The wind as forecast and very violently swung around from the SE to the NW. Francis experienced a few moments of calm, before diving at full speed towards the south.

Tomorrow afternoon, he will face another violent front. At that point, he will be sailing off Cape Saint Vincent in the south of Portugal. This will be another rapid transition sailing upwind in strong westerlies, before heading back on his route towards Guadeloupe as the wind swings around to the right of the maxi-trimaran. He can expect some tough conditions in heavy, cross seas, making the voyage extremely uncomfortable.

Francis is certainly giving it his all to keep up the hellish pace set by the new generation of maxi-trimarans.

You can follow the race here

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