Around forty journalists attended

The Vietnamese press turned out in force this Tuesday morning to meet Francis Joyon and the crew of the giant IDEC SPORT, which is still moored up near Ho Chi Minh City after arriving in Vietnam six days ago. 

The presence of a maxi-trimaran measuring more than 30 m in length in a Vietnamese port obviously attracted a lot of attention, particularly from the forty or so Vietnamese journalists who turned up this morning to meet the skipper and crew and to visit the boat. After the press conference at which the French consul, Vincent Floreani was present, the journalists visited the boat in small groups, talked with the crew and took photos. The questions they asked showed how interested they were. In particular, they wanted to know why IDEC SPORT was here in Vietnam, how to sail a maxi-multihull with a crew and wanted to find out more about the IDEC SPORT ASIAN TOUR.

Francis Joyon talked about sailing in the China Sea and what lies ahead in the IDEC ASIAN TOUR.

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