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The juniors in the semi-final

The juniors advanced throughout the season and brilliantly qualified for the final phase as one of the top sixteen French teams.

In a tough qualifying group with La ROCHELLE and the UNION BORDEAUX BEGLES they obtained their ticket for the final round improving with each match. The team has a huge potential and their trainers and manager got them to understand that, encouraging them to push hard and getting them to believe in themselves.

In the final sixteen, they beat LYON OLYMPIQUE UNIVERSITAIRE after a draw 22 – 22 (same number of penalties and tries…) on a shootout, with the forwards scoring brilliantly, allowing them to continue the adventure.
In the quarter finals, they eliminated RCF92 29 – 27, their opponent was the N°1 French team, so that proves how well they performed.

In the next round, they will be up against US COLOMIERS, with the other semi-final seeing AGEN face GRENOBLE.

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