IDEC SPORT gybed close to Ireland during the night. This should be the final major manoeuvre in the Jules Verne Trophy, as now they are on the final run to the finishing line. Francis Joyon and his men are expected in Brest this evening.

As planned, IDEC SPORT gybed early this morning, 130 miles SW of Ireland. Francis Joyon and his crew of five are now on direct course towards the finish between The Lizard and Ushant. This is the fast track to Brest they were talking about yesterday. Ahead of the bows of the big, red trimaran less than 300 miles before they cross that line and get back ashore in Brest.

In Brest late today

Last night, in spite of the heavy seas, the men on IDEC SPORT have been sailing at 30 knots, sailing more than 650 miles in the past day. The ETA has been confirmed for early this evening or late this afternoon depending on the sea state. If the wind is around 25 knots, as at the moment, it is likely to be around 1800hrs. This will depend on what speed they can reach, remembering that the wind is lighter close to the coast of Brittany than further out to sea.

But the important thing is that they are on their way after 47 days at sea. The record for the boat (48 days 7 hours) will be beaten and unless there is a major upset, IDEC SPORT will make it to the podium of the fastest round the world sailing voyages, a reward for all their hard work.

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