No rest for the IDEC SPORT team this Sunday but an exhibition run in the sunshine in Nice and for once there was a little wind. After failing in their start at 11.45, Joyon’s boys took off towards Monaco with a buoy to round, but a crab pot meant they got left behind. Francis Joyon and his crew decided to sail close to the coast. This tactic paid off and they managed to get back up with SODEBO. The latter remained ahead however until the finishing line. Once again, it was the smallest boat, Actual Grand Large Emotion skippered by Yves le Blévec, which won the race. Well done, lads!

In spite of the disappointment of finishing last, the sail today was very positive. Things slotted into place for the crew and the boat was fast and sailed well, which is very promising as they look ahead to the start on Wednesday.

A special guest was aboard as can be seen in the photos, Bryan Habana, the South-African rugby player did well on the winch. Maybe a future recruit for the IDEC SPORT team.

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