With the start of the round the world voyage imminent for Francis Joyon’s crew in their attempt to win the Jules Verne Trophy, an original web series has been launched. With some big name stars and some huge surprises to come…

In 30 episodes, the aim of this series is to widen the adventure aspect by calling upon some rather unusual names from the world of sport, public life and science to give their views.

Among the big names lined up, we shall be seeing the Peyron brothers, Bruno and Loïck, who set four of the eight records in the history of the Jules Verne Trophy. There will also be artists, research scientists, museum curators, semiologists, personalities from the world of social sciences…Also coming up comments from ecology experts, starting with Nicolas Hulot. But he will not be the only one offering us his vision of this race around the planet…

We have some big surprises in store for you, with people who don’t usually comment on such ocean racing adventures. They each do it in their own particular way and share with us how they see this quest for the outright record. In short, looking beyond the record itself, they will give a different meaning to Francis Joyon’s adventure aboard his new giant trimaran: IDEC SPORT. Because we all need to dream and widen our outlook, as we follow this major sailing feat. It is not something that is reserved for exceptional sportsmen and women or for those looking for an adrenalin rush.

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