A night of high-speed smooth sailing

In the latest rankings, Francis Joyon has been averaging more than 29 knots on his way to Guadeloupe. A long stretch on the port tack began yesterday and in theory will continue throughout the day, before he has to get back to line up directly for Guadeloupe.

François Gabart is still leading the race and is managing to maintain his lead over Francis… The next key task will be lining up for Guadeloupe and Francis Joyon is already preparing for that with his two routers, Gwénolé Gahinet and Christian Dumard.

“Saling the Joyon way” 
Interviewed by Didier Ravon from Voiles & Voiliers magazine, Jean-Yves Bernot, François Gabart’s router, who worked for a long time with Francis talked about the duel and how well the latter is performing in this eleventh Route du Rhum. “He is incredible. Francis is twice as old as François and his boat is also twice the age. He iis sailing the Joyon way. He understands something like no one else. How to make the most of an exponential curve. A soon as we move up a notch, he follows,” added  Jean-Yves Bernot. “If to get a 5% bonus takes 200% effort, he never hesitates. His control is awesome.”

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