With the start imminent for Francis Joyon’s round the world crew, who are about to tackle the Jules Verne Trophy record, a brand new web series has been launched. The first episode is now online. And quite logically, it is dedicated to “Francis”…

“We have to go when we have to go”. In this very first episode of the new IDEC SPORT web series, Francis Joyon clearly lives up to his reputation: calm, serene, taciturn and … determined. “A cuddly wild animal,” says the voiceover obviously impressed by the most famous citizen from Droue-sur-Drouette. The sea is nowhere near this little village of just 222 inhabitants in Eure-et-Loir to the west of Paris, the birthplace a few decades ago of Francis Joyon, the man who would become the world’s fastest solo round the world sailor. “There was a little stream there and I wanted to see what would become of the water further down and that led me to the sea…” In a few days or weeks from now, when a weather opportunity presents itself, “the sea” will be the Atlantic, the Indian Ocean and then the Pacific… before the Atlantic once again. Around the world. Non-stop. With a crew. Via the three capes. The ultimate adventure…

In thirty episodes broadcast before and during the Jules Verne Trophy, this new web series aims to open the adventure up by inviting top names from the world of sport, civil society and science to tell us what they think. Among those that will be making an appearance, there will be for example the Peyron brothers, but also artists, researchers, museum curators, semiologists and leading figures from the social sciences. There will be comments from experts in the field of ecology, starting with Nicolas Hulot. But he will not be the only one offering us his unique vision of this global adventure. They will all give a new meaning to Francis Joyon’s latest quest aboard his new Ultime trimaran: IDEC SPORT. Because we all need to dream and open up our minds, as we follow one of the greatest maritime adventures. This is by no means reserved for experts in this exceptional sport or for those seeking high-speed thrills.

Watch the first episode by clicking here

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