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Ligier has today written a new chapter in its history with the Ligier JS P217. Packed with technology and know-how, this new racing prototype LM P2 is the result of research carried put by the engineers, motivated by their passion for excellence and the prestigious history of the brand. The Ligier JS P217 is one of the four LM P2 bodies satisfying the new FIA-ACO rules, which came into force in early 2017. The American and European endurance series and the Le Mans 24-Hour Race are welcoming the Ligier JS P217 for their first year.

Technical specifications
– Chassis: carbon single shell / ONROAK
– Dimensions: length: 4745 mm; width: 1900 mm; wheelbase: 3010 mm
– Weight: 900 kg
– Bodywork: carbon/HP COMPOSITES
– Suspension: wishbone, thrusting, forward torsion bar and latest generation springs at the rear with 4-link shock absorbers
– Transmission: 6-speed gearbox / Hewland TLS – 200
– Engine: GIBSON Technology GK428 V8 – 4 litres – 600 HP
– Tank: ATL 75 litres
– Magnesium hubs, Ø 18’’, forward width: 12,5’’ – rear width: 13’’
– Brakes: master cylinder, 6-piston cylinders, carbon discs (forward and rear) Ø 15’’

The JS P217 according to:
Patrice Lafargue: “The new LMP2 is an incredibly fast and powerful car. It has little in comon with last year’s. It is going to require a lot of driving. We are discovering more each time we go out in the championship, even if we were well prepared.”
David Zollinger: “The car has huge potential but you can’t just climb in and tame it that simply. The aim at Le Mans will be to enjoy ourselves and make sure we go all the way.”
Paul Lafargue: “In comparison to the P2 from 2016, we’re starting from scratch. Only the feeling you get when braking is similar and even then it brakes much harder. Ligier has done an exceptional job. The engine is 100 HP more and we’re often above 300. She has great lines. We are faster everywhere. We get her to brake more quickly, even with the same pressure on the pedal. She’s still a racing car, but she is also fairly comfortable.”

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