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IDEC SPORT will really be launching the new season in March. The LMP2 cars have unveiled their new design and will be carrying out their first laps during some private trials. The Mercedes AMG GT3 will be returning to racing at the end of the month. 

New design for the new season
While the 2019 season in the European Le Mans Series will not start until April, the IDEC SPORT prototypes are already displaying their new livery. Adrien Paviot, who designs helmets for F1 drivers and indeed Sébastien Loeb’s cars, was in charge of coming up with the design for 2019. “For IDEC SPORT in 2019, there was no question of changing the basic concept. Paul Lafargue gave me some precise specifications, but that did leave me some room to do what I wanted. That is the sort of condition I enjoy. We removed the chrome, which is fairly complicated to use and is problematic when there is a part to replace. We have gone back to using white, which really shows off the sponsors,” explained Adrien Paviot before revealing the special element, which makes this new livery so unique: “The new approach is that I have drawn one side that is torn with the red colour, which reminds us of the IDEC SPORT maxi-trimaran. That’s what I have added – a link to that.”
While Adrien has a lot to do with his car racing commentaries and the creation of designs for cars, motorbikes and planes, each individual creation requires a lot of thought: “Working on prototypes is hard. There isn’t much room. Especially as often there is no connection between the side and the bonnet. Just like when we draw a face, where we start with the nose, I always begin from the cockpit, then the usual guidelines. I think we have come up with a good compromise. I think it’s very pretty. There is just the right number of logos and the fact that the sponsors are in black and white makes it look very classy. It’s a bit like a factory design. There is a clear identity and it all works well together.”

IDEC Sport launching the 2019 campaign

It will be in Barcelona and then on the Le Castellet circuit that IDEC SPORT will be driving for the first time this year with the LMP2s. The two prototypes and their drivers will be trying to clock up as many miles as they can to check that everything is working well and to get used to driving before the first race of the season at Le Castellet.

After these trials, Patrice Lafargue and Paul Lafargue will be lining up for the first meeting of the 24-Hour Series for 2019: the Mugello 12-Hour Race (29th and 30th March). The father and son will be sharing the driving wheel of the Mercedes AMG GT3 with Dimitri Enjalbert. “The tests went well. We ran in the engine and Paul (Lafargue) was able to see what he could do for the first time in a racing car since he was forced to stop early in the season last year,” said Dimitri Enjalbert, who will be back behind the wheel of the Mercedes in late March. “I’m keeping up the pace, as I am often in cars as a racing instructor and it is important that Paul finds his feet.”
“I don’t have any worries about the start of the season. I have prepared well this winter. Patrice and Paul are extremely motivated. I can’t wait to get in the car. We all love the Mugello circuit, which is a great track. Last year, we made it to the podium. We know that we can count on the car and we hope to have a great season.”

The Mugello 12-Hour Race is divided up into two sessions. The first will be from 1530 to 1830hrs on 29th March and the second part will be from 0900 to 1800hrs on 30th March.


2019 ELMS calendar:

Le Castellet (France) – 14 April
Monza (Italy) – 12 May
Barcelona (Spain) – 21 July
Silverstone (England) 31 August
Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium) – 22 September
Portimao (Portugal) – 27 October

2019 24-Hour Series calendar

Mugello (Italy) – 29 – 30 March
Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium) – 19 – 20 April
Brno (Czech Republic) – 24 – 25 May
Portimao (Portugal) – 6 – 7 July
Barcelona (Spain) – 31 August – 1 September.

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