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Just under a month after their eighth place in Spa-Francorchamps, Paul Lafargue, Patrice Lafargue and Dimitri Enjalbert will be back at the wheel of their Ligier JS P2 n°28 to attempt to make it to the top five in the sixth and final meeting of 2016.

The European Le Mans Series is reaching its end with the final taking place from 21st to 23rd October with the Estoril 4-Hour Race. 37 competitors will be lining up at the start of the event in Portugal.
IDEC Sport Racing will be one of the ten in the LMP2 group. The same three drivers will compete, as so far they have done well. Patrice and Paul Lafargue will be in the hot seat with Dimitri Enjalbert.The aim is to continue to learn during this first season in the LMP2, but they would also like to finish up with the leaders.
IDEC Sport Racing is currently in 12th place in the LMP2 Championship

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-Trials 1: 21st Oct at 1250hrs UTC. Length: 90 mins.
-Trials 2: 22nd Oct at 0700hrs UTC Length: 90 mins.
-Qualifications for LMP2: 22nd Oc tat 1225hrs UTC. Length: 10 mins.
-4-Hour Race: 23rd Oct at 1230hrs UTC. Length: 240 mins.

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The Circuit: Close to the Atlantic coast around 20 miles from Lisbon, the Estoril circuit was created in 1972, but has undergone many transformations since then. It has a rather unusual configuration: after a long straight stretch there are some very technical moves. This requires a car, which can adapt to a range of conditions with good high speed, as well as good road handling in the bends.
-Distance (miles): 2613
-13 bends

The car: Entirely designed and built by the Onroak Automotive team, this LM P2 race prototype is the result of a lot of thought and hard work and they have come up with an efficient performer.

-Carbon chassis / HP COMPOSITES
-Dimensions: length: 4610 mm ; width: 2000 mm; wheelbase: 2865 mm
-Weight: 900 kg
-Transmission: sequential 6 speed gearbox
-Engine: HONDA HPD HR28TT V6 double turbo, JUDD HK V8, or NISSAN VK45 V8
-Tank: ATL 75 litres
-Brakes: carbon discs front and rear Ø 15’’

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