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While Patrice and Paul Lafargue belong to the same family, the whole of the IDEC Sport Racing team is in its own way one big family sharing the same passion. After a season in LMP2 and GT last year, Dimitri Enjalbert will be back with the IDEC SPORT team in 2017 in the 24-Hour series.  

In 2016, Dimitri Enjalbert did well training Patrice and Paul Lafargue. The two drivers were able to progress throughout the season and now have some high ambitions. This year will be dedicated to performance, whether it is in the ELMS with the new Ligier JSP217 or in the 24-hour Series with the Mercedes AMG GT3.

Thanks to his experience, Olivier Pla, who knows the Ligier perfectly well, will be fine-tuning the car with the support of David Zollinger. Patrice and Paul have reached a point where permanent coaching is no longer necessary. In the 24-hour Series, Dimitri Enjalbert will be back in the driving seat in the Mercedes AMG GT3, this time in the A6 category.

Even if the Dubai 24-Hour race came to an early end, they are fully motivated to get the title in the 24-hour series. They will need to finish the remaining races and score points.
“In endurance racing, it is not necessary to win every race. If we manage to get first palce, we will be pleased, but regularity is what really matters,” explained Dimitri Enjalbert, who appreciates the qualities of the AMG GT3. “This is a car that is well suited to endurance racing. She performs well, is fast and powerful, but also well thought out. The air conditioning limits the temperature to between 40 and 50 degrees. The cockpit is well designed with everything in reach. It is easy to read the instruments and the seat is also very comfortable. All of these things mean we can focus on driving her and when we’re looking at a 2-hour relay, that counts.”

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