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The Le Mans 24-Hour Race is the best of car racing. The spectators are incredible, the cars extraordinary and the drivers excellent. Then, there is the legendary circuit and if you add all those elements together, you end up with a very exciting event.

A look back at IDEC Sport’s race
On Saturday 17th June at three in the afternoon, the Ligier #17 IDEC SPORT set off driven by Paul Lafargue, who quickly settled into the race and had a perfect first drive. He was followed by Patrice and David Zollinger. After four hours of racing and sixty laps, the JS P217 IDEC was in 21st place overall.
Unfortunately this progress came to a halt due to an alternator belt problem in the evening during Paul’s second drive. Patrice Lafargue had to wait for the part to be changed and only set off again 18 minutes later. IDEC SPORT dropped down the rankings and was behind a dozen GTs in 33rd place.
The IDEC SPORT drivers kept their calm and gradually moved back up. Throughout the night, they kept up a good pace, while looking after the mechanical elements. By dawn, the team was back up to 16th place and the alternator problem was behind them.
With three hours to go to the end of the race, IDEC SPORT was 13th. They would remain in that position, even if Patrice Lafargue had to overtake another car in the final lap to grab that place.
The team were over the moon when the flag came down. Paul Lafargue, David Zollinger, the mechanics and the whole team cheered Patrice Lafargue as he took the final stretch. It was official. IDEC SPORT ws 13th in this 85th edition of the Le Mans 24-Hour Race.

Latest news: After a rival was disqualified, Team IDEC SPORT has moved up a place in the overall rankings and is in the Top10 in the LMP2s: 12th overall and tenth in the LMP2 category.

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