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24H SERIES 2019 : First race of the season for IDEC SPORT

It will be in the 24-Hour Series that IDEC SPORT returns to racing. The Mercedes AMG GT3 will be competing in the Mugello 12-Hour Race with the aim of winning. 

It is in Italy that IDEC SPORT will be competing in its first race of the 2019 season. The team is heading to the north of Florence to take part in the Mugello 12-Hour Race, the first event on the 24-Hour Series calendar. Patrice Lafargue, Paul Lafargue and Dimitri Enjalbert will be getting the V8 engine with more than 500 HP roaring in the Mercedes AMG GT3 on the hilly track at Mugello.

“The track suits the Mercedes well, as she is very aerodynamic, even if she is good all round, as we saw in Navarra last year,” stated Dimitri Enjalbert. “The free trials won’t tell us much, as many people hold back, and others don’t put on new tyres. We’re going to have to wait until the qualifiers to see where we are in relation to the balance of performance.”

BoP is a way to harmonise the level of the various cars talking part by changing their weight and power to ensure equivalent performance rates.

The three IDEC SPORT drivers know each other well, as it will be for the fourth year in a row that they will be sharing the seat of the Mercedes. After three podiums in 2018 (Navarra, Imola, Barcelona), the IDEC SPORT team hopes to show what the French can do from the first to last race.

“We need to be realistic and give ourselves some decent goals. It would be good to get to the podium in the overall rankings. The standard is high in this championship. We have what it takes in terms of reliability and speed. We just need a bit of luck. It is going to be dealing with the other cars on the track that will be the deciding factor. We have to avoid wasting time and yet avoid getting into an accident,” explainedDimitri Enjalbert before concluding, “I think that the first five at Mugello will be the serious contenders this year.”

The IDEC SPORT will walk around the 5.245 km track with its fifteen bends to get to know it, before getting behind the wheel of the Mercedes to ensure it all goes smoothly, finding the ideal driving position, the various controls on the wheel and the other details which will be important throughout the season.

The first trials are scheduled for Thursday with five hours of driving. The IDEC SPORT drivers will hit peak speeds on Friday in the thirty minute qualifier starting at 12.45 local time with the start of the first race set for 15.30. The 56 competitors will then go into the paddock after three hours of racing. The flag will launch the second part of the race on Saturday at nine in the morning.

See all the info about the IDEC SPORT team on social networks with the Android app: IDEC SPORT, our Facebook page: IDEC SPORT Racing, and on Twitter: @IDECSportRacing and Instagram : idecsport_racing_officiel17

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