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Patrice Lafargue, Paul Lafargue and Dimitri Enjalbert achieved what they were looking for at the Mugello 12-hour race. The Mercedes AMG GT3 #17 finished in second place, while the Porsche had to retire after just a few moments of racing.

Patrice Lafargue, Paul Lafargue and Dimitri Enjalbert fought hard until the end of the 12 hour race in Mugello to get a fine second place in the overall rankings. This result rewards the whole of the IDEC SPORT team. After qualifying in eighth position, the three drivers of the Mercedes AMG GT3 #17 managed to progress throughout the race without making any serious mistakes. After Dimitri Enjalbert got off to a good start, the Lafargues (father and son) kept up the pace and got IDEC SPORT RACING into fourth place before the race was interrupted.

On Saturday 18th, Paul Lafargue lined up for the second start taking no risks. The 28-year old driver made it to the stand in third place, in spite of a slow puncture. IDEC SPORT managed to keep up the pace. With less than two hours to go to the chequered flag, Patrice Lafargue handed the steering wheel over to Dimitri Enjalbert, who took advantage of mistakes made by his rivals to grab second place. The IDEC SPORT RACING team got what they came here for scoring points, which could be decisive in the 24-hour championship.

“We didn’t expect to make it to the podium, but after all the hard work, we finally got there,” declared a pleased Paul Lafargue. “We’ve been working on this car for a year. Well done to all the team and all their hard work. There have been some tough moments, but days like this reward all the efforts.”

It is hard to win all the time as the drivers of the Porsche 991 Cup saw. David Abramczyk, Romain Vozniak and Stéphane Adler saw everything go up in smoke after another car caused them to go off the track. The three drivers took advantage of what the Porsche had to offer and intend to line up again with #75 IDEC SPORT RACING. The 24-hour series continues at

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