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IDEC Sport has confirmed they will be taking part in the 2018 24-Hour Series. Patrice Lafargue and his team have chosen to build on what they acquired in 2017, as they will be lining up with two cars: the Mercedes AMG GT3 and the Porsche 991 Cup. The crews remain the same and the goal is to get a good result.

After confirming one LMP2 will be taking part in the Le Mans 24-Hour Race, the IDEC Sport team has said it will be back in the 24-Hour Series for the 2018 season. They will be hoping to win another title after the one they got in 2015 with the Porsche 997. IDEC Sport is relying on experience and consistency.

Patrice Lafargue and Paul Lafargue will be back with Dimitri Enjalbert driving the Mercedes AMG GT3 like last year in the A6 Pro category, while David Abramczyk, Romain Vozniak, Stéphane Adler and Michael Blanchemain will be back in service in the Porsche 991 Cup. For the first time, the latter crew driving #75 is changing its category racing with the 991s in the AM rankings (amateur). Considering the results they got last year and their third place in the SP2 category, it would not be surprising to find the IDEC Sport Porsche #75 out in front and maybe even up there with the cars in the PRO category if they have the chance.

While the Mercedes AMG GT3 didn’t have the best of years in 2017, Dimitri Enjalbert is convinced that the car is in good shape and getting a good result should come if they enjoy themselves. “I have some great memories of the 2017 season, in particular getting up there on the podium at the Mugello. In fact, we didn’t make any real mistakes driving. We just need a bit more luck. We really enjoyed ourselves throughout the year and that is set to continue in 2018. That’s the way IDEC Sport considers this sport,” explained the third #17 driver. “For 2018, the aim is to get to the top 5 overall and maybe even the final podium.”

With his status as a pro driver, Dimitri will be there to support Patrice Lafargue and Paul Lafargue for another year, after being alongside IDEC Sport since the team was launched. “Together the three of us form a great team. We don’t need to be jealous of the others,” said the 33 year old driver. “Paul should be seen as a pro driver. He is making progress on all the little details. He’s quick and deals well with the other cars. As for Patrice, he is at ease in a prototype as in the GT and he proved that by being the fastest gentleman driver in the 24-Hour Series.”

Everything seems to be falling into place for the two IDEC Sport crews to get some good results in the 2018 24-Hour Series. All of the drivers are raring to go. Time to get the engine roaring.

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