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IDEC Sport will be competing for the first time in the 24-Hour Series this season on 9th and 10th March in the Silverstone 12-Hour Race. The French team will be lining up with the Mercedes AMG and the Porsche 991, with a new design being applied before they set off for Britain.

IDEC SPORT will be back in business in the first race of the 24-Hour Series at the Silverstone 12-Hour Race. The team based near Paris will be competing with two cars in this event – the Mercedes AMG GT3 and the Porsche 991 Cup – on the same track as the F1 Grand Prix is raced in Britain.

As for the team’s three drivers, Patrice Lafargue, Paul Lafargue and Dimitri Enjalbert will be taking it in turns at the wheel of the Mercedes. While the team’s major advantage is that they know their car well, it should be stressed that the three drivers work perfectly together. “Paul has made a lot of progress in the last few seasons. He has clocked up a lot of miles and experience. He knows how to be fast, while remaining consistent and looking after the car, which is key to succeeding in endurance racing,” explained Patrice Lafargue. “Dimitri has been part of the IDEC SPORT family since the team was launched. He has always been there and knows how to get us to improve. We fully trust him and so it is only normal that he is back in the driving seat.”

In the Porsche #75, David Abramczyk, Romain Vozniak, Stéphane Adler and Michael Blanchemain will have the pleasure of discovering racing in the 991 Cup AM category. Under the new rules, they will however be able to fight it out with those in the PRO rankings if the opportunity arises.

Silverstone is a highly technical circuit and getting the car adjusted is very complicated. They have to find the right compromise between high speed at the end of the straight sections and aerodynamic power to hold on around the long bends. The two IDEC SPORT teams will have to make some technical choices to try to get around the eighteen bends on this 3.66 mile (5.891 km) circuit as fast as possible.

In red and black

Just like the Francis Joyon’s IDEC SPORT maxi-trimaran, the Mercedes AMG GT3 and the Porsche will be getting a facelift for this new season. The design has been looked at and Beauty has become the Beast with a new two-tone appearance. Simple and efficient. Number 17 exudes performance.

See you on 9th and 10th March for the first race of the year!

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