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2018 24-HOUR Series: IDEC SPORT competing at the Barcelona 24-Hour Race

IDEC SPORT will be in Barcelona on 8th and 9th September for the fifth race in the 24-Hour GT Series Championship. Patrice Lafargue, Paul Lafargue and Dimitri Enjalbert will be at the wheel of the Mercedes AMG GT3, while Romain Vozniak, David Ambramczyk and Stéphane Adler will be in the Porsche 991 Cup along with Christophe Cresp and Franck Michely.

Time for some tapas this weekend (8th and 9th September) with some sunshine for IDEC SPORT. The team from Ile de France will be competing in the Barcelona 24-Hour race with its two GT cars: the Mercedes AMG GT #17, driven by Patrice Lafargue, Paul Lafargue and Dimitri Enjalbert in the A6 category (top category) and the Porsche 991 Cup #75, driven by Romain Vozniak, David Ambramczyk, Stéphane Adler, Christophe Cresp and Franck Michely. The penultimate race of the season is very important for the former as if they get a good result, they could win the championship. Romain Vozniak and David Abramczyk will be arriving in Catalonia at the top of the Cup rankings thanks to the 60 points they have so far obtained this season. The Porsche IDEC SPORT is currently in third place in the overall GT rankings.

Back from his holiday, David Abramczyk has one thing on his mind now: getting back behind the wheel of the Porsche. “What I really enjoy is not resting, but car racing, and that is what turns me on. I’m hard at work for the Barcelona. 24-Hour Race. I feel as if I’m out there already and giving it my all,” explained the 47 year old driver, who is looking forward to the challenge that lies ahead. “The pressure is on with the end of the championship approaching, so we can’t look at things as we did early in the season. The aim in this race wil be to finish on the podium or to win to make sure we get the title in Barcelona.”

It is going to be tough in Catalonia as 76 cars are due to start the race on the 4.655km Formula 1 circuit.

With more than twelve hours of trials scheduled for Thursday and Friday, the two IDEC SPORT teams will have to get the Mercedes AMG and the Porsche 991 adjusted just right for the race. These hours of driving will be crucial for the quintet in the Porsche so that everyone is fully confident with the GT car with the engine in the rear.

“Even if we often invite other drivers aboard the car, we keep the same philosophy and that means enjoying ourselves above all. The trials allow us to settle in and get clean handovers, which is vital when we see the chequered flag,” explained David Abramczyk. “Out of the five drivers, four of us have already driven in Barcelona. That is an important advantage, in particular for the adjustments and the strategy we adopt. We have done a lot of work with Romain (Vozniak) and Julien, our engineer, who has done some amazing work.”

The dice will be cast during the qualifying session for the Mercedes #17 (Fri 7th from 5.30 to 6.30 p.m.) and for the Porsche #75 in its category.

The green flag will be waved on Saturday 8th at noon. The IDEC SPORT drivers will set off for 24 hours of racing around the track at Montmeló. One of the keys will be avoiding any incidents in the first part of the race and to achieve some good handovers. The weather is another factor that they will have to consider as it is likely to rain.

Find out more about the IDEC SPORT’s team performance via social networks thanks to the Android app: IDEC SPORT, the Facebook page: IDEC SPORT Racing, and Twitter: @IDECSportRacing and Instagram : idecsport_racing_officiel17.

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