Ludovic Chorgnon

IDEC SPORT partner of Ludovic Chorgnon, runner and extreme triathlete

An out of the ordinary course
IDEC SPORT will now support Ludovic CHORGNON, a company director based in Loir-et-Cher (France) and accomplished athlete. At nearly 50 years old, this amateur athlete has already taken on the craziest sporting challenges and shows an impressive track record. Ludovic is an extreme runner and has completed numerous races in intense conditions across the deserts and mountains of the world. Like a race in Death Valley at over 50°c, more than 360 kilometers non-stop in the Swiss Alps or on the Arctic Circle. But he does not stop there and is also a triathlete.

Outstanding performances
Ludovic CHORGNON is an avid triathlon fan and adds numerous records to his list of achievements. He is notably finisher of 60 Ironman 140.6 (3,8 km of swimming, 180 km bike ride and 42,2 km run), he is part of the very closed circled of Enduroman finisher (140 km run from London to Douvres, 65 km swim across the English Channel and 300 km by bike from Calais to Paris) and he also holds a second place in a Double Ironman. In addition to all these amazing performances, he now holds 3 world records, namely: 41 Ironman in 41 days, 44 Ironman in less than a year and the Ironman with the most altitude difference in the world with 10.584m+.

Extreme goals
Impossible to stop here! Ludovic unveils ever more extreme ambitions and sets himself a new challenge: l’IRONXTREM. It is a series of 4 challenges designed to explore the limits of the human body and to set new objectives in the triathlon world. Having already completed the IRON-UP, which is the Ironman with the most positive altitude difference in the world, 3 other challenges are on the program:

> IRON HOT : Ironman in the hottest environment ever, in Death Valley at 50-55°c which will take place between the 12th and 14th of July 2021 to enjoy the maximum temperatures

> IRON HIGH : The highest Ironman ever, in Nepal between 4300 and 5000 m of altitude which will take place during April 2022

> IRON COLD : The coldest Ironman ever, on the Arctic Circle with swimming in 0.1°c water, cycling and running in -25 to -35°c which will take place in December 2021 or February 2022

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