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Blois back to their winning ways

Blois – Bordeaux: 4-1 After seven matches without winning, Blois achieved a clear victory yesterday for their final match at home.

There was a real difference between the teams at the stade des Allées for the final match for Blois at home. The Bordeaux reserves were not given any time to be hopeful and were overwhelmed by Blois. In 18 minutes, it was all over and the score was even bigger by half time with Blois leading by four goals. The team from the Loir-et-Cher were back on form. While they were disappointed at the final moment by not keeping a clean sheet.

With six minutes to go to the end, Loïc Lambert’s men were even in with a chance mathematically of going up, but Le Puy’s goal dashed their final hopes, which were quite slim. Although not in line for the tile, Blois can decide who will be the next champion, as Blois is away to Le Puy next week for the final match of the season.

A perfect start to the match before a lot of mistakes
Michelot and the lads were back to their winning ways for the first time since early March. While Bordeaux were particularly weak, Blois had a perfect match at the start with Kimakkon opening the score after a quick counter-attack (1-0, 8th), then a second goal headed in by Popineau from a corner by Rousseau (2-0, 14th), and a third goal scored by Baana-Jaba going through the middle of the defenders (3-0, 18th).

It felt like a Cup match with teams separated by three or four divisions. Except the weaker team usually puts in a special effort. Bordeaux finally woke up after the third goal by Blois without putting Pelleray in any danger, before Popineau knocked them out after a perfect pass from Orgebin (4-0, 45th).
In the second half, there were so many missed opportunities for Blois, in particular from Baana-Jaba and Mongomba, who came on in the second half. Bordeaux managed to save face with one of their rare entrances into the opponent’s goal area. After a foul by Yikik on Semedo, Trichard got past Pelleray (4-1, 64th).
But the important thing was getting back to the winning ways and to end the home season with a win. A lot of people said that if they had been given a bit more luck in their final matches, Blois would be facing a decisive match against Le Puy next week. But they can stop the team from being promoted, and they are not exactly their most enthusiastic fans. Behind them, Les Herbiers and Andrézieux will be hoping they will slip up.


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